The Surprising Benefits of Using a Foam Roller

foam-rollerFoam rollers have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Featuring a simple log-shaped piece of foam, they offer a wide range of benefits from soothing muscle pains to preventing injury. Of course, these are just a few of the many reasons why you should use a foam roller.

One of the great things about foam rollers is the countless number of ways that you can use them. One of the easiest techniques is by getting in the “crab crawl” position with the foam roller placed under one of your legs. As you glide back and forth, the roller will massage the calf muscle.

Massages Tissue and Muscle

Do you have muscle knots, either from physical stress and/or overextended muscles? If so, try using a foam roller over the problematic muscles. A brief 10-minute session can relieve muscle knots while encouraging greater blood flow to the affected muscle(s). And best of all, you can give yourself a massage with a foam roller anywhere, anytime.

Stimulates Muscles

Another benefits of using a foam roller is its ability to promote muscle growth. It’s hard to fully describe its muscle-building benefits without experiencing it for yourself. From the moment you first stretch out on a foam roller, you’ll instantly feel your core muscles contracting. And depending on exactly how your body is positioned, it may engage a broad range of other muscle groups as well.

Protects Against Injury

You might be surprised to learn that foam rollers can help protect against injury. When you engage the roller over your tissue and muscles, it stretches them just slightly so they are more elastic. In turn, this reduces the risk of injury relates from overexertion and other activities. Stretching is a key element in preventing bodily injuries, which is why foam rollers are so beneficial.

Improves Circulation

Last but not least, foam rollers improve blood circulation throughout the body. This is the same principle as any other massage; when the tissue and/or muscles are being manipulated, the body sends bloods to the region. And with more blood flowing to the region, you’ll reap the benefits of faster recovery times, less pain, and better all-around physiological health.

Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of foam rollers and the benefits they offer. Whether you’re looking to stimulate your muscles, improve circulation, reduce recovery times, or if you simply want a stress-relieving massage, you can’t go wrong with a foam roller!

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