Knight in shinning armor

I have followed Tai through 3 locations, well over 10 years. Unfortunately, I live a few hours away but every time I visit the Harrisonburg area I see Tai. She’s worked her magic on me with ongoing arthritis and after 3 surgeries. She’s truly my knight in shining armor. She’s professional yet personable and listens to your needs, the spa

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Helped my back pain

“Thank you SO MUCH for working me in so quickly on Monday and working on my back. I saw improvement immediately but less than two days later I am 100% better! Monday I couldn’t walk without pain, and now today I am ready to go back to the gym! You are AWESOME!!! I will give your name to everyone I

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Massage experience

“Tai is an excellent Massage Therapist and a beautiful person. She is strong, knowledgeable, and very talented. The office is calming, warm, and quiet. I highly recommend Tai and I am officially a massage junkie!”

~ RC

Recommend her and her services

Tai, My “Miracle Worker”

I jokingly tell her, “Where ever you touch, you can work you magic.”

I have suffered from two whiplashes years ago and osteoarthritis in spine and lower back have taken its toll. Neuropathy in the left hand from ulnar nerve damage was greatly relieved from her work. A hip replacement in 2007 resulted in neuropathy in

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