Additional Services

Castor oil packs $35
45 min treatment with the use of warm castor oil soaked muslin or wool pack applied to abdomen followed by an abdominal massage and includes scalp massage or reflexology,

Paraffin Treatment
30 min treatment with the use of warm oil-based wax to provide pain relief to hands feet and sore joints and muscles. Body part is dipped or wrapped in paraffin followed by a light massage (Hands, feet, elbows, shoulder, knee).

  • single body part only $12 (add on any service $5)

Steam Tent

  • 15 mins $25 (add on any service $12)
  • 30 mins $35 (add on any service $17)

Treatment is performed on a massage table in a horizontal position you head stays cool. Cool towels are applied to you neck. During treatment a relaxing scalp and facial massage are incorporated. Indulge in the treatment alone or in combination with a massage.